The Unleashed Series transforms women through hard looks, hard work and hard decisions.

While originally designed to be a program for incarcerated women, with one workbook (Butterflies Unleashed), public response and the inspiration of God pushed us to create an entire series of workbooks and programs.

The Insect Collective

We can learn some amazing things from the smallest of creatures!

  • Stop! Sometimes helping doesn’t help. For instance, butterflies strengthen their wings by breaking open its chrysalis. Did you know that if a butterfly is helped at this critical time, it can never fly?
  • A single bee’s significance is relative to the hive. Together, they feed the world! Learn from bees how to build a healthy community.
  • Spiders are feared. Change can be terrifying too! Learn to be bold.
  • Dragonflies are deadly hunters, nearing 100% success. Their eyes contain 30,000 facets, can see in color, and in all directions at once. Life has many facets too. We learn a lot from dragonflies.
  • Ladybugs have the most amazing way of folding their wings. Scientists and engineers are learning how they can improve designs for folding wings on satellites in orbit and even the umbrella in your closet! Learn more about ladybugs and you.
  • Grasshoppers can jump 30 feet! That would be equivalent to us clearing the length of a football field in one leap. We can get ahead that easily too.

The Bird Collective is coming soon!

Hummingbirds, crows, owls – just to name a few – have much to teach us about life.

  • Learn! If you can’t do something, find a tool to help you reach your goal. Crows are unique because they actually search for things to use as tools and even go so far as modifying the tools they use. There’s always a way!
  • A hummingbird works constantly to achieve purpose. Learn ways to find your purpose and hum while you work!
  • Owls have always been mysterious birds. Their vision and wisdom are legendary. Wisdom waits!

We are a husband and wife team, Christian and Toby Dorr, and both have stories of brokenness and redemption.

We are strong. We are healed. We make a difference.


Join us in changing the world!