a catalyst for change…

People are either introverts or extroverts. If you’re an extrovert, the outgoing type, you will surely relate to the ladybug. These bold ladies keep balance in our gardens. As predators, ladybugs not only lead battles against pests, but they aren’t shy about it! Bold colors warn of unpleasantries. Sometimes, the best defense is a great offense.

But wait, there’s more – much more…

Borrowing from the ladybug’s technique of folding their wings could help in designing drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Scientists imagine the ladybug could inspire new designs in the way satellite antennas and microscopic medical instruments operate. The ladybug’s mechanism could be tapped to invent something many of us have wished for on wet, blustery days: a wind-proof umbrella.

In the study, the scientists suggest some immediate applications for the research — including aircraft wings, space technology like folding antennas and solar arrays, and far more prosaic items like umbrellas and fans.

Ladybugs Unleashed is the perfect tool for women who want to be change agents.

Spot on.

I want to know when the Ladybugs Unleashed workbook is ready!