a cautionary tale…

My obligation to duty, family, image and more anesthetized me. Hear me. Take courage and open your eyes. See your circumstances for what they are. Refusing reality maximizes the risk.

There are none so blind as those who will not see. - John Heywood, 1546

Spiders have a thankless job – yet they help make entire ecosystems healthy and whole. We will learn to overcome society’s perception of us with a conviction to a new perception of ourselves. And we’ll conquer challenges.

Spiders Unleashed focuses heavily on discernment.

Sometimes, doing the right thing is no more popular than a spider in your chair, but we do what we must. The value of your circumstances will increase just by thinking differently. Change your attitude. Change your circumstances.

For many people, spiders are scary. For others, they are beautiful. Nothing is more breathtaking than walking through the woods on an autumn morning and seeing dew glistening on spider webs. From which group are you?

This is a cautionary tale and spiders belong.

Get caught up in it.

Let me know when the Spiders Unleashed workbook has a release date!