I read about bees to prepare for this workbook and fell in love!

Did you know…

  • Bees see a more expanded color spectrum than us and are especially attracted to blue – which caused flowers to evolve with more blue and purples petals.
  • When bees check out a new hive location, they enter at the bottom and search for a secure foundation at the top. Bees’ hives are built from the top down, contrary to other builders.
  • Successful beekeepers form relationships with their hives.
  • The bees themselves intuitively decide if more females or males are needed. Building slightly larger cells stimulates the queen to place a male egg; smaller cells receive female eggs.
  • Bees are prehistoric! They shared space with dinosaurs. And are still here!
  • Honeybees were man’s first domestic species.
  • Bees are deaf. What? I SAID, BEES ARE DEAF but you don’t have to yell, they do ‘feel’ sound.
  • They also don’t have bones, but they have a rigid exoskeleton which is water tight.
  • Bees with multiple personalities:
    • Inside the hive, bees are called a colony.
    • When they are outside the hive and foraging, they are called sisters.
    • When the hive divides, they are called a swarm.
    • Inside the hive in the winter, they are called a cluster and share body warmth to heat the entire hive.
    • When killing to protect the hive, they are called a ball of bees.

Honey bees saving their mate

Honey bees saving their mate

Posted by Wild Charles on Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Talk about community!

Bees are individual creatures, but more important, they are part of a colony and the colony is crucial. They cannot survive without the colony. Being part of a healthy community is crucial for them – and it’s crucial for us too.