You are not your worst mistake…

Surviving cancer, I realized I had yet to do something that would change the world. So, I started a prison dog program, taking dogs from shelters and placing them in the prison where inmates would love them, heal them, train them and then I adopted the dogs into loving families. I was making a difference, then why was I unsatisfied?

At a vulnerable and emotional time in my life, I fell in love. I  agreed to help him escape from prison. We were on the run for twelve days until a high speed car chase on a midnight interstate brought an end to our escape.

Sentenced to 27 months in prison, I lost everything I had worked my whole life to build. Including the wall I built around my emotions. I found freedom behind bars.

Prison was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was time rich. I had nothing but time! So I used that time to reflect, read and grow… a hard analysis of me and who I wanted to be.

When I was released from prison, I lost my relationships with some family members, but I gained so much more. I was free to be me!

I went back to school and completed two master’s degrees, started my own business. I met and married the perfect man who is my best friend. Gained an instant family. Wrote a book about my redemption. 

And decided I need to be an advocate – I needed a mission, a purpose.

So I started Butterflies Unleashed because I want to be there for you.

Many times I thought my life was over, but just around the corner was the next big thing. 

Your life isn’t over either. Get ready!

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  1. The words that describe your life experiences are profound. Your workbook helped me immensely. As a caregiver, life is isolating. I’m getting in touch with myself again. Thank you Toby.

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